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Briggs Snow Engine

Item:  12D104-0135-Sale

9.0 Gross Torque - 900 Series
Recoil Start
Crankshaft: 7/8” Dia. x 2.886”

Sale Price: Call For Price

  • <p align="left"><b><u>Stock Status: &nbsp;</u></b><br>If we have stock in our Oklahoma facility stock status will show a number. &nbsp;If stock status says "See shipping info. tab" &nbsp;then we do not have sufficient stock level in our main warehouse. &nbsp;However, we have access to over 20 distribution warehouses across the country, with our main suppliers delivering shipments to us the next business day. &nbsp;In the event that you order an item that we are out of stock, we make every attempt to bring in your item the next business day for reshipment. &nbsp;This will normally only delay your order by 1-2 business days. &nbsp;If we can't supply the item because our vendors are also out of stock we will contact you by phone or email.</p><p align="left">If stock level shows to be less that what you require, please order as many items as you need and we can normally fill the order within a few days or will contact you if sufficient stock is not available from our suppliers</p><p align="left"><br><b><u>ENGINE SHIPPING:</u><br></b>We stock the most popular fast moving engines, but often we can't keep up with demand or have them arriving daily for reshipment. &nbsp;For many brands, we can ship direct from the manufacturers warehouse to you, this will speed shipment time. &nbsp;We will contact you if there is a supply issue, otherwise you can expect you engine to arrive in 2-7&nbsp;business days depending on your location. &nbsp;We do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii. &nbsp;&nbsp;<br><b><font color="red"><br></font></b><font color="#0000cc"><b>Do you need a commercial address for engine delivery?&nbsp;&nbsp;<br></b></font><font color="#0000cc"><b>This&nbsp;is how it works:</b></font><b><font color="red"><br></font></b><font color="black"><br>Engines showing stock level of 1 or more: No commercial address needed.</font><b><font color="red"><br></font></b><font color="red"><br>Engines not in stock in our Oklahoma warehouse as follows: </font></p><p align="left"><font color="black">Honda: No commercial address needed. Shipped UPS or Fedex Ground<br></font><font color="black">Briggs &amp; Stratton: No commercial address needed. Shipped&nbsp;UPS or Fedex Ground. Except 3-cylinder or 30hp and larger Vanguard.</font></p><p align="left"><font color="black"><img border="0" src="https://system.netsuite.com/core/media/media.nl?id=27217&amp;c=640052&amp;h=ac1c4232ea6f9fadb100"></font><font color="black"><br><br></font><font color="black">Kawasaki: Commercial address required for truckline shipment, except small frame engines below 7 hp.<br></font><font color="black">Kohler: Commercial address required for truckline shipment, except for small frame engines below 10 hp.<br><br></font>Commercial&nbsp;Address&nbsp;Required:&nbsp; This means we can't ship to your home, home based business, church, farm, school, prison or any other facility with limited access.&nbsp; The business needs to be open normal business hours Monday - Friday.&nbsp; Truckline shipments normally take 2-5 business days depending on your location.&nbsp; They do not call in advance since there should always be someone at the place of business.&nbsp; Examples are: <br></p><ul><li>Lumber Yard </li><li>Auto Parts Store </li><li>Shipping Warehouse </li><li>Lawnmower Shop </li><li>Auto Repair Shop </li></ul><p>If you are not able to locate a commercial shipping address, please give us a call and we may be able to arrange shipment to a truckline dock in your area.&nbsp; </p><br><p align="left"><b><u>PARTS :</u></b></p><p align="left">Note: &nbsp;Please provide a shipping address that is valid for USPS OR UPS. If orders are small and light, we normally use USPS Priority Mail for faster service times. &nbsp;If over 3-5 lbs, we would normally use UPS or Fedex. &nbsp;&nbsp;Also note: &nbsp;In the event we do not have sufficient stock, or our inventory level was wrong, we will bring in extra inventory to reship your order the next business day. &nbsp;We may also choose to ship large orders from multiple warehouses to speed up delivery time. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p align="left"><img border="0" src="https://system.netsuite.com/core/media/media.nl?id=35787&amp;c=640052&amp;h=a0d6ccd9185c3648212b"><br><br><br>******* Due to Factory &amp; Vendor territories and EPA laws, we do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or any country outside the US. &nbsp;These orders will be cancelled and refund issued.</p>

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